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  1. Amen Rafal!

    I think for your next post is to offer advice on building a personal brand, while doing the day to day work that pays the bills.

    Most Freelancers I talk to struggle with that balance.

    • That’s a great idea, Matt.

      I definitely want to write more about personal brand and authority which I think are super important and we tend to ignore it.

  2. A good portfolio gets you “in the game” and lets the prospect know that you’re competent and worth comparing to someone who, at a quick perusal seems similarly skilled. But you’re still a commodity and unexceptional if you don’t communicate your value and distinguish yourself through stories and association with others’ success.

    • Yes, a good portfolio can get you “in the game” but what if your portfolio is not that good yet? You can get yourself our there by running a blog, helping other people and developing your opinion in the community as a design expert.

      It’ll soon bring you some great clients that will turn into great pieces in your portfolio.

  3. Hello Rafal
    Building your own personal brand and authority has to be a good thing. When I go networking locally, people I’ve never met often say “I know you”. What they mean is they’ve visited my site, watched some videos and heard me speak. They’ve seen that I offer something of value and they’re more wiling to talk to me about jobs they need doing. Which is nice 🙂

    • This is a very good example. These people who already know you are much better clients. They appreciate your work, they accept your conditions and willing to pay more for your service.

  4. Totally agree not focusing on the portfolio showcases, I won’t display some websites just because of weird customizations clients wanted. I also have come to realize that most clients (small biz’s) believe just a “good” website is all they need and the sales will start rolling in so I’ve shifted my focus to a more holistic approach (business development) with clients that includes website, social media setup & content coaching for prolonged success well after the website is finished.

    And the personal branding is always a work in progress!

  5. Creating a personal brand is a great thing to focus on coz only creating better portfolio won’t help much.
    Everyone is looking for the good work but if a brand is attached to it then whole thing goes to a different level.
    Looking forward for the next post (personal branding)

  6. Nice post!

    Just switched to freelancing after ditching the advertising workforce a few months ago. I’ll be starting my blog soon and this article is getting me all excited to do so!

  7. Rafal,

    GREAT article!
    I only have one question: about Getting Paid by clients… you mentioned to work with Big companies, but how do you manage when they delay payments even when it is agreed in a contract??

    You cannot say “Pay or else!…” I think everyone wants a long term relationship, but waiting for them to complete the payment can be really difficult and you have bills to pay as well–specially when you are starting.

    Thx in advance!

  8. Thanks for those points ant tips
    Its so helpful for me .I am a freelance graphic designer .I have portfolio but my community is so weak .i dont know how to build it up .can you help me with some more tips??

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