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  1. Hey, Rafal. Great stuff here.

    I’ll admit that for the longest, Georgia was all I needed in life. 😛

    Just recently, I decided to put Font Squirrel to use and start playing around a little bit. Right now on my main site, I’m using a combo of “Helvetica Neue” and “Bebas” and I absolutely love it.

    I know that’s nothing spectacular but it opened my eyes to how big of a role typography plays in design. I hope to dig deeper in the near future.

    • Thanks Sean!
      I use Google Web Fonts for all projects because are free and everyone has an easy access to them. I also have some my favorite fonts and I’m going to show a few nice combinations in my next post.

  2. Great article, congrats!

    Excellent idea to approach the visual aspect of design. I will definitely try this. Thank you for the insight.

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