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  1. I enjoy this type of post. it s simple but rewarding and allows me a few minutes of each day to get a bit of inspiration from other designers. Thanks!

  2. Hi Rafal
    Love the “Playfair Display” + “Open Sans”
    Looks good with the colour you’ve used.

    I’ve always admired good typography, but you are starting to turn it in to an art form.

    BTW – are you following the European football?
    England play Sweden tonight.

    • Hi Keith,
      since we have access to so many beautiful fonts free to use on the web, we need to make it an important part of the design.

      Yes, I’m watching Euro 2012. My country has the last group game against Czech Republic tomorrow.. I can’t wait to see it 🙂

  3. Love these examples and after your last post I started playing with some new typography sets to have ready. I love the Playfair Display and Open Sans combo. Also thinking about trying out Marvel. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks, Rafal, I am a novice wordpress developer (using Genesis). You make it simple and beautiful, thank you, Your effort is an immense help and a gift.

  5. Love the combinations if font. Elegant yet readable. I personally use Proxima nova for body and Skolar for headings.
    I like the first choice especially, Enriqueta font seems good for heading.

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