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  1. This is a simple and great article Rafal. When I saw the headline I knew it that this is a great content.

    After I read it I remembered that Neil Patel is doing something like this with his new blog, am I right? Just looking at his blog post (for example this: I saw a lot of great conversion example in his messages and UI (color, bottons and banners).

    Can you give us some other examples of bloggers who are doing a great job they are creating great CTA’s?

    Thanks Rafal!

  2. Very well put, CTA areas can be the difference between a successful website and not a success. Also simplicity in colours and layout are key to delivery.

    Nice and informative article, thank you.

  3. I usually try to focus on one CTA per page. The visitor won’t subscribe to the newsletter, to buy your product, click your ad banner and like your facebook page on the first page anyway.

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