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  1. Rafal,

    This is a great post. I love the explanations instead of the ‘quick fix’ code snippets. It’s important to understand these concepts. Frankly, I haven’t paid 100% attention to these. Definitely a reminder that polished work includes making these adjustments.

    • I adjust it when it’s possible without crazy coding involved or when I have fixed copy in place. I often skip little adjustments that are not even worth the time.

  2. Ok, so I thought I was nuts. I usually try to fix these issues but didn’t have the knowledge you just dropped. I would look at something and think this just doesn’t look right! Thought I was nuts!

    I have to be honest, I kind of stopped fixing them because I thought it was silly, no one ever talked about it anyways. Now I know I am not nuts, I will continue fixing!


    • All of these optical adjustments are not very often mentioned in design books. It’s a pretty common practice in typography, though.

      Anyway, I still remember endless arguments with front-end developers about it when they didn’t get my spacing right. Some even said that my designs are not professional because I don’t always use equal spacing on all sides… 🙂

  3. First of all I would say that the examples this blog is using are great and ads a solid example that we could use in our own website. Though I think that the concept of uneven spacing is a new thing for me as I didnt thought this could be a good tactics. So I am glad that I found this article through webdesignerdepot’s news of the week.

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