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  1. Cool!

    1. How do you add the “copy to clipboard” ?
    2. How do you output the color for the color scheme?


  2. Hey Rafal, I appreciate you understanding how to code as a designer. I know that it’s a skill you’ve developed by doing, but do you mind sharing the resources you used when you first started learning it?

  3. “growing into a gigantic project”

    I hope that in ten years time web pages will be simpler than they are now. I’d love to see a commonly used, simple layout, that makes it easy for anyone to put their info online cleanly and beautifully with a very short learning curve. So many people have great content and ideas but are put off by the complexity of “web design”.

    If you, or one of the contributors to your blog, take us closer to this, you might just change the world (for some folks at least 🙂

    “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler”

  4. Nice! Thanks for this – it will help me learn similar methods for other sites I’m thinking of.

    Any chance you would share the script for the scrolling effect?



    • Roberto, this message was added by the “New User Approve” plugin and I only customized it adding this filter to the functions.php file:

      add_filter( ‘new_user_approve_welcome_message’, ‘custom_welcome_message’ );
      function custom_welcome_message( $welcome ) {
      $welcome = ‘Your custom message here…’;
      return $welcome;

  5. I created my blog page on a Brian Gardner tutorial, can you create one on how to get the feature picture left and right as your or the APPARITION THEME Mine is ELEVEN40 THEME

  6. Hi Rafal,
    Thanks for this awesome and detailed “Making of Typespiration”. I know that you might be busy, but can you do a similar “making of chrisbrogan” post?

  7. Hi Rafal, hope you are well

    Could you point me in the right direction for how to display all the custom meta boxes info the user enters on the actual page?

    It will be used for product details, and the user can enter in the ‘description, stock, images, and other details i create using meta boxes, but how do i get all this to display on the page?

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