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  1. Thanks for posting this and explaining the code. It’ll help as I make the Journal theme accessible. The bit of JS that hides/shows the sidebar on menu click is the hardest part.

  2. Thanks for this post! I was wondering if you know of some js to hide the sidebar menu when you click outside of the sidebar. Im viewing on my iPad and it seems my brain has been trained to tap outside of a sidebar menu to close it. Thats what happens in a mobile first generation 🙂

    Either way, the Journal Theme is awesome!

  3. Hey Rafal! I think it’s great that you’ve shared a little behind-the-scenes look at how you put this theme together. Wish more theme developers would do that. 🙂 Love the aesthetics, too.

  4. Interesting post and awesome theme. (And every time I come on your site I’m reconfirmed what an awesome font FF Tisa actually is.) Thanks for your generous sharing and inspiration.

  5. Rafael,

    Thank you, I actually get pissed of when I receive free theme thing from designers.

    I don’t know what wrong with us, I’m designer my self so that includes me too. We always find a way to design things that we will not be willing to use them ourselves on our own projects.

    You always find a theme especially free one it’s either too rushed or too complicated.

    That’s why my first thought after I received this email was too click the demo link with one specific question in mind, will Rafael use this theme for his own project. Thank God, this free theme is careful crafted and it seems enough thought was put into designing this one.

    So again thank you, to finally be one of those good one among us. ☺️

  6. Thanks to Rafal! for share this cool article. I also saw your Child Theme it was too good. I also followed your creative Designing thoughts and those ware very effective. I appreciate your all works on designing. I will waiting for your next post. Thanks again.

  7. Being a developer, looking into the source code must be the first thing that I will do do when I find something new. Thanks for deconstructing theme code child.

  8. Superb Article! I like that you mention this coding information in steps because sometime coding details are available in paragraph and you know it’s really confusing. Thank you for this information.

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