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  1. Great article! One thing I would add would be merchandise aka e-commerce. On demand printing is easy to set up… and any designer can make money either with their own brand or designing merchandise for other brands.

  2. Some questions.

    When you sold themes on themeforrest, how much support did you offer? Been thinking about selling themes there but I do not think I could have worked with all the support issues that people would have created when they tried to change the theme files.

    Were the themes done with a menu so users could indulge in all the worlds options in one place? Or were they more bareboned?

    I´m asking since I want to sell stuff on themeforrest, everything is complete with the account and all. I just have to start uploading stuff, making preview images and writing the dreaded readme.txt file. Do you have any tips for how to best write a readme.txt for a PSD template?

    With those questions out of the way. Great article, shows that even I have a multitude of ways to earn money even without clients. I just have to get and work towards it. Thanks Rafal!

  3. “I know a lot of people say you can release a course on or without having your own audience. However, this may not be as easy as it sounds. You will still have to promote your own course, because guess what, there are hundreds and thousands of people just like you. An author’s credibility is a huge sales factor.”

    YES … I get asked this question … A LOT 🙂

  4. All of the mentioned options are tasty and your article is well laid out, I’m one of your new subscribers who figured you out in search of information on becoming a coder and designer. I’m a complete novice but my passion for this is strong and driving, please you can help me by making recommendations and tips on how to go. I’ve added your ebook on my schedule, hope I can afford it soonest.

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