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  1. Nice read like always. Thanks for sharing your knowledge whit us. You realy motivate and inspirate me whit your blogs, you shold’nt stop doing this. Can’t wait for your new post. Thanks again for doing this…

  2. Many people confuse web design with make my site look pretty no understanding that aesthetics are purely opinionated. BUT thinking of design as more of a communication tool (like you said, line spacing, etc.), making things easy to read and so forth, that’s what “web designers” should ALWAYS aim to do. It’s a shame that so many people carry the name web designer and don’t really know what it is their doing.

    I actually wrote a couple articles on my site speaking on the topic.

    Great Article.

  3. Hi Rafal
    “Design is every single character on your blog, a space between your paragraphs, an underlined link or your background color.”

    I always try to add interest to my text.

    Headings, lists and blockquotes are great ways to break up heavy text and of course… having the right font size and font combinations.

    Good thing is, you Genesis guys do all the heavy lifting for me – I just type.

  4. Awesome read Rafal, I’m biased but this has been one of my recent favorites. :)

    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this single column look is stellar, makes me rethink a lot of my own sites.

  5. “Design is every single character on your blog, a space between your paragraphs, an underlined link or your background color.”

    I love that.

    I took me a very long time to realize this. Unfortunately, I still haven’t let these lessons show through in my design yet. I’m having a hard time breaking old habits. Your blog is definitely helping, though.

    Good stuff.

  6. I’m glad to find your blog. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation and kick in the ass… to be dependent on your blog. Looking forward for new posts. Thanks again.

  7. This was a helpful article, Rafal.

    I have noticed that I enjoy reading blogs that are well-designed, rather than not. In fact, I have particularly enjoyed reading blogs with wider margins and padding. It is easier on the eyes and I’m more prone to return time and time again. Thanks!

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