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  1. This is so good and is coming at a perfect time. I love using Sketch for client projects. I had a very simple style guide template I had created. The problem is it what not very organized. Yours is much easier to use, with actual groups!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome resource!


  2. Hi Rafał,

    first of all many thanks for Your effort and creating all the free stuff You gave us.

    I’d like to ask why did You decide to ditch the XD and go Sketch? I’m currently taking more and more UX jobs and I’m quite happy with XD experience (although it lacks few crucial features, e.g. hover effect, area scroll etc.). Due to Sketch coming market standard I’ve started considering switching my workflow, especially when everyone write Sketch case studies and almost noone does it for Adobe XD.

    About the Style Guide – I’m curious how do You approach scaling the elements for RWD, fonts to be exact. We’ve been researching this topic for a while and everyone seems to have their own way.


    • I loved Adobe XD but I feel like it’s still lacking some important features and sometimes even basic tools. I know they’re still working on it and I’m sure it’ll get better soon.

      I needed to switch to something else as Adobe Photoshop stopped being efficient and Sketch is probably the best available option on the market now (my second choice would be Figma and then XD).

      As for RWD, I don’t usually make responsive versions of my design mockups. I always have sketches of what the responsive version should look like but since I often code my own designs or I work very closely with a developer, I don’t really see a need to make responsive mockups.

      I also never make my design mockups pixel perfect or care about too many details. I think you can be more productive if you finish it up in the code. I use mockups more to present the general concept and user experience only.

      • Great feedback, Rafal.Jared Atchison is a great friend of mine and he referred me to your website. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter but this is the first time that I’ve checked out your actual blog. Great stuff, keep up the good work.

  3. Definitely an up-to-date style guide is, or style manual is crucial to maintaining brand consistency for any company as it sets standards for the writing and design of print production or websites.

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