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  1. I think to have “design skills” comes up naturally. You can improve it but you cannot learn it. You have to have imagination and see what people really like it (like the author of this blog).

      • I definitely agree with you there Rafal. Every human is born with imagination, and we all can hone our skills and imagination as much as we choose.

        I’m fairly new to the Web Design/Developing community and glad I ran into your blog, looking forward to future posts.

  2. Hey Rafal,
    When it comes to boning up on design theory, what are your go-to sources? Or what publications would you recommend starting with?
    Thanks for the thoughtful tips!

  3. Do you think that design can be learnt Rafal?
    I always assumed that being able to pick the right colour combinations went beyond theory… it was more of an instinct.

    Do you think theory when you choose colours?

    • Keith,
      that’s the thing. I believe you can learn anything.

      When I started designing nobody told me I have a talent and there were even some people who told me that I shouldn’t be doing design. I used to be a developer and then I switched to design because I liked it.

      I didn’t choose good colors in the beginning. Now, it’s more about experience. I know what colors look bad because I probably tried it before 😉

  4. Rafal,

    I had to stop by and say thanks for sharing your design journey and the tips to keep us moving towards bettering our own design skills.

    Regarding Tip #3 – The Sandbox : I’ve harnessed the power of Evernote save photos, designs, notes (both audio & video), and anything else that piques my creative fancy. I can sync with the cloud and my various devices (iPhone, iMac and MacBook Pro) so I’m never without inspiration.

    And thanks for the theory & design sources. I’m a self taught graphic designer & website developer and am realizing without a good understanding of the basics, my work will never reach its full potential.

  5. Hi Rafal,

    Thanks for your tips, and especially for the design theory resources you mentioned in the comments. I was going to suggest that you should probably sign up to be an affiliate for Tuts+ – as a designer, it will be super easy for you to make a little extra money as an affiliate, since you’re recommending them anyway. 🙂

    I appreciate you –

  6. Hey Rafal,

    You have some very interesting tips. But I seems to struggle a lot with fake projects. Whenever I tried to do one, my mind go blank as if it doesn’t know what to create at all.

    In these types of situations, what kind of suggestion you have?


  7. Really Inspiring Post. Please If you give me some links where do I find new trends and techniques that would be really helpful for me..

    Thanks in advance,


  8. It is important to have a good websiter design and with the help of some experts online you can surely know what to do. The tips that have been shared here are really helpful.

  9. sir
    Since one year i’m in graphic designing field, but still i struggle for designing. Some time i create little better design if its simple & one pager add but even in its i’m not able to do it easily. i feel something disorder in me when i started to do projects. Some time i’m so much pressured and struggle lots. This is my dream question that could i become a designer(inner expecting answer is want to become a designer)? is there any solution for me to heal my problem and get flow feel to do my works and become effective creative designer?

  10. Thanks Rafal for a great article. Very helpful, especially for me right now as I am strongly in need of some inspiration due to a recent setback.

    Once again, thanks again, your site rocks!

  11. Hi man, You’re 5 steps is awesome, I like your way your inputs is really helpfull for me, thanks and Pls keep your blog writing.

  12. Hello, I am new person for designing work. I hoped before studying this article design is birth talent we could’t learn it. But now there is some positive changes shows on my attitude. Thanks for this article. We have expect some words from you. Thank you.

  13. i love this…. but i prefer designing with corel draw. what other software can i use aside photoshop?

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