My name is Rafał Tomal and
I’m the Lead Designer at Copyblogger Media.

I design graphics, write code, play soccer, and drink beer.


My name is Rafał Tomal and I’m a graphic designer and web developer.

I was born and raised in beautiful southeastern Poland and currently reside in the Chicago area.

I work as the Lead Designer for Copyblogger Media where I’m responsible for all of the company’s major product designs as well as the company's branding and online presence.

I share my experience and knowledge through my blog.


I’ve been working with many successful entrepreneurs and bloggers whom I helped to create effective websites that work and convert.

Some great people I had a chance to work with:

What I'm currently working on:

  • Urban Crepes
  • Podcast Player
  • New Rainmaker - Home page
  • New Rainmaker - Join Us
  • New Rainmaker
  • New Copyblogger Logo