About Me

Photo by Bartek Kregiel.

My name is Rafal Tomal and I’m a graphic designer and web developer. I was born and raised in beautiful southeastern Poland and currently reside in the Chicago area.

I moved to the USA right after graduating high school to start a new life and my career as a web designer. I made the decision to quit college and my first full-time job and start my own freelance business when I was 21.

This decision led me into some new opportunities and helped me to meet many great people and enjoy new experiences.

Today, I’m still in my mid-20s and I lead a number of design projects at Rainmaker Digital. I run my blog where I share my knowledge and I also wrote an ebook to help other designers to improve their skills and learn how to design beautiful and effective websites.

My Work

I’ve been working with many successful entrepreneurs and bloggers whom I helped to design effective websites that work and convert:

I work as the Lead Designer for Rainmaker Digital where I’m responsible for the company’s major product designs as well as the company’s branding and online presence.

  • Digital Commerce
  • Rainmaker.FM
  • Rainmaker Platform
  • Synthesis

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I occasionally take freelance design projects and perform design audits and consultations to help improve existing websites.

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